About Christopher Peel

Meet Christopher Peel – A Tech-Savvy Real Estate Expert with a Heart for Community and Family

Discover Edmonton's real estate landscape with Christopher Peel, a seasoned agent whose journey is as diverse as it is rich. Christopher's unique blend of professional expertise, community involvement, and family values makes him the ideal guide in your real estate journey.

From Tech Entrepreneur to Real Estate Professional

Christopher's path to real estate was paved with remarkable experiences. He successfully owned and operated a technology business, scaling it up to 9 branches with 75 employees. As the VP of Sales and Marketing, he mastered skills that now give him a unique edge in real estate – from leveraging the latest technology to understanding complex market dynamics. This tech-savvy approach ensures that his clients always have a competitive advantage.

A Commitment to Mindfulness and Community

Beyond his professional pursuits, Christopher is deeply involved in the Edmonton Insight Meditation, a non-profit dedicated to mindfulness meditation. His role in facilitating retreats and classes reflects his commitment to mental well-being and community service – qualities that he brings to every real estate transaction.

Family Life and Furry Friends

At the heart of Christopher's world are his wife Emily and their beloved dogs. As proud residents of Edmonton, they cherish the city's vibrant lifestyle and the sense of community it offers. This personal connection to the city and understanding of what makes a house a home are invaluable in helping clients find their perfect space.

Your Guide to Edmonton Real Estate

With Christopher Peel, you get more than just a real estate agent. You get a tech entrepreneur, a community leader, a family man, and a mindful negotiator, all dedicated to your real estate success. Whether you're buying your first home, exploring investment opportunities, or seeking that perfect family residence, Christopher's unique blend of skills, values, and local knowledge ensures a real estate experience that is not only successful but also deeply connected to your needs.

Embark on Your Real Estate Adventure with a Trusted Guide

Experience a real estate service that's as innovative, compassionate, and family-oriented as Edmonton itself. Contact Christopher today to start your journey with a real estate agent who truly understands the heart of the city and its people.